Thursday, September 3, 2009


Ch ch ch ch changes..

So I probably shouldn't be posting this because I might change my mind. But who cares!

Next year I'm planning to do a Master of Arts (Creative Writing) at Sydney Uni. Of course there are a few stars that need to line up in order to create the constellation that is making my plan a reality. The most important being they accept my application!

The application will involve sending in 10 - 15 of my best poems, which is a little nerve-wracking. The thought of someone pre-judging my work is most daunting. I definitely have more than 15 poems on my computer, but 15 good ones? Hah.

But I guess you might be wondering why. Why go back to uni? Am I just a campus junkie (having spent the last two years working at uni)?

Well, kind of. I love learning, and studying. And the creative writing masters does have a theoretical component, which I'm most excited about. I'm really looking forward to taking "masters of modernism" (eliot and yeats) and "major movements in contemporary poetry" (basically 20th/21st century poetry and poetics). The course also offers contact with practising writers, and genre-specific workshops.

I'm hoping to study part time, and do the degree over two years. I'd love to write a minor thesis in my final two semesters to see if I might be suitable to go on to do further research, and also to just enjoy the experience.
So that's the plan. Oh and the other plan is to get a job to support this frivolous lifestyle!


Ali said...

Hey Soph,
That's very exciting. I was talking recently to a girl who did the master of creative writing (I think at Macquarie) and wrote a book as part of it that is now published - and she is now doing her Ph.D, so who knows where it might lead. Hope the stars line up on this one for you.

mq2 said...

wow! sounds like a brilliant plan- a dream! i'm envious! (both of the potential study and of your talent!)

onlinesoph said...

very cool soph! I too am envious...or if there's a way of being envious without the whole jealousy bit, that would be me.

I also know someone who did creative writing at macquarie and ended up publishing two books, and did a Ph.D on romantic literature throughout the 18th and 19th century. very cool stuff.

Not to say you have to get published to make the whole venture worthwhile! Sounds like its going to be an amazing course and lots of fun.

Ali said...

Yes, I agree, one need not publish to benefit. What was fabulous for my friend, and will most likely be fabulous for you too if you do it, is that it gave the opportunity/excuse/motivation to write something and write it the best she could (which the rest of us perhaps never get around to wihtout a reason) - and she could then just submit it for publication. I'm jealous too! (without any jealousy, envy or coveting of course :) ...).

sophg said...

Ali - Thanks for the encouragement. Not sure if I'll be able to publish anything (the poetry world is quite small), but as you said, just the opportunity to be intentional and disciplined with my writing will make it worthwile.

Liz - my 'talent' is yet to be determined! that's the scary part of this venture. But thanks for the excitement. I'm excited too :)

Soph - If you're envious - why not do it too? That would be fun. You don't have to pay upfront, and all the classes are in the evening.

Oh if all of you were all there it'd make the workshops so much less painful... there were a few interesting 'mature age' students at the info session last night...

ps. are you still pondering further study next year?