Sunday, July 19, 2009

I wish I lived in Melbourne

It just seems to be 10 times more awesome than Sydney.
For example, the journal that's publishing a poem of mine this winter is in Melbourne, and they held the edition launch party there this week (obviously couldn't attend..). It just seems there are heaps more poetry/writing journals/writers/poets down there.
Also, Melbourne is hosting an awesome design festival this week, State of Design, which has been featured on one of my favourite blogs, the Design Files by you guessed it - a Melbournian (Lucy).
They also have all the fun bands, like The Triangles. And cool bars and cafes in laneways where you don't feel like you're going to get beat up.
They're also laid back enough to let an amazing eco designer turn Federation Square into a sustainable cafe over Summer where you get your coffee in a jam jar and your muffin on some old cardboard.
They also have distinct weather - rain and sunshine and an actual winter, and less humidity.
I quit sydney!
(Ok not really...)

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onlinesoph said...

wow, congrats on getting your poem published - that's great!

I heart melbourne too. Though I'm hoping you'll write a similar post about Sydney so I can find out about all the interesting stuff to do here :)