Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cook's River precinct

Inspired by Soph R's response to my melbourne list below, I'm going to do a series on things to see/do/eat in Sydney.

Today, I'm featuring the Cook's River precinct.

Last weekend, I wanted to go for a walk, but didn't want the hoards of dogs and people that crowd the glebe foreshore and the Iron Cove bay run.

I remembered driving past Cook's River, near Earlwood and thinking how pleasant it looked. I also remembered there was also a chocolate shop/cafe that had been recommended to me nearby - an extra incentive.
So I drove down Illawarra Street, which takes you from Marrickville down to the River. It was a beautiful winter afternoon, the sun coming through the trees, and throwing light onto the water.
Apparently the river sometimes smells, but no such offence on this fine day. Also, there was just the right amount of activity going on, without it feeling like a theme park. There were people cycling, fishing, walking and playing soccer, but also sections of the track when I was the only in sight.
The area has quite a rich history, but is a little underappreciated because of its proximity to the flight path (it's really close to Tempe). The locals know it's a treasure though, enhanced by the local Adora Chocolate shop on Homer Street. After my walk, I enthusiastically went to the cafe, hoping to get a steaming hot chocolate... only to find I had less than $2 in my wallett! Sheepishly I had to walk away empty handed, but I will definitely be going back sometime.


Ben McLaughlin said...

we went there a couple of weeks back for a lovely late sunday arvo walk. nice spot. Nice chocolate from that shop, but get yr coffee elsewhere, they are about $76 for a flat white.

onlinesoph said...

I feel so honoured that my hood gets the first mention in this series!

I haen't yet tried the Adora chocolate shop, but walk past it longingly often. The Cook's river is pretty, isn't it? I'm always suprised by how little traffic noise you can hear once you're a fair way through the park.

sophg said...

Thanks for the advice ben - I do recall $4 for a coffee...

You're right soph about the traffic, it was really quite tranquil!