Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The same long evenings, songs, dirty plates, and last pink skies.

A Quiet Stream (Heidelberg) c1888-90 by Tom Roberts

“Give me one summer again, with yourself and Streeton, the same long evenings, songs, dirty plates, and last pink skies. But these things don’t happen, do they? And what’s gone is over." - Charles Condor to Tom Roberts, remembering their painting days at Heidelberg and Box Hill.

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Lucidus said...

Thanks for this, Sophie! It's a wonderful picture. Strange to think about Heidelberg and Box Hills then, when my mind's eye is filled with pictures of what it is now. *pauses to meditate on the passing of time*

I am so appreciative of paintings of our local areas in Melbourne etc. We don't have to look over at Europe etc. when there's so much interestingness in our own backyard!