Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever

So I spent a dreamy weekend in Tasmania meeting my tiny, loveable, spewy, smiley Godson. Isn't he just the cutest?

His lovely mama (and regular blog visitor), Emma, took us out into the sunny fields to get a bit of fresh air and caterpillars, which was just what I needed. Between holding babies, taking photos and snaffling down strawberries, we managed to collect 2 kilos of the red gems.

When we got home, Emma's husband said he'd just happened to have seen a recipe for a giant strawberry flan the day before on the Tasmanian blog Island Menu,, and the bloggers had even been to the same fruit farm in Sorrell as us. What are the chances? Making the flan soon became an irresistible challenge and a few hours later (feeds and nappy changes not withstanding), we had magicked up this delicious piece of goodness:

The three of us (baby not included) managed to finish it off in just 24 hours. The pastry is especially short-bready and delicious. I highly recommend it.


Thora and Dean said...

YUM! Emma showed me the link the other day. Jealous much. And how great is that shot of Emma and the little man on her hip. Love!

Emma said...

Feeds, nappy changes and MAHJONG not withstanding!

sophg said...

Too true, Emma. MAHJONG notwithstanding!

Ahhh miss you Thora, and your little man... sigh.