Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This thing we call life

singing to the trees on wombat hill

Here's the fun part.... I'll tell you what I'm doing if you tell me what you're doing. Go on, I want to know!

Reading: Discipleship by Bonhoeffer, Journey to the Stone Country by Alex Miller, Confessions by Augustine and 2 Corinthians.
Watching: Jane Eyre on the big screen.
Making: A podcast called The Spoken Project (Sshhhh it's a secret).
Eating:  Cake, crumble and tofu.
Wearing: The winter coat's been back out this week.
Listening: The new Wilco and Laura Marling streamed on the web. This American Life, All Songs Considered and Tim Keller sermons.
Cafe-ing: at Manchester Press, on Little Bourke.

There is a lovely magnolia tree out my window, being overshadowed by an avocado tree, which HAS FRUIT. A while ago I picked some and waited a month for it to ripen, only to cut it open to find a rubbery green bullet. That's ok. Just having a fruit tree in our yard makes me happy.

The blossoms are out. The birds seem happier. Melbourne doesn't have as many pigeons and seagulls as Sydney, instead it has cute little sparrows. It almost broke my heart the other day to see a dead one.

Also, my house mate spotted a pigeon with a bread necklace. That's a bird with an entire piece of bread around its head.

I wrote my tiny new God son a book. It didn't turn out as awesome as I hoped (things are always more awesome in my head), but I was still pretty excited to create my first picture book. It was called Penelope's Favourite Things and is about a girl who is obsessed with lists.

On the weekend a few of us from Cross Cultures went to Daylesford. I've been swooning over Daylesford ever since I heard about the White House, which is kind of silly really, because a town is more than one house, but it seemed to sum up the beauty of the place. Thankfully, Daylesford didn't disappoint. The Wombat Hill Botanic Gardens and lavender farm were highlights. It felt a little bit like the southern highlands of NSW; country charm abounding.

But what about you??


Thora and Dean said...

oh no! I can't remember what you want to know...
eating - camembert, tapanade and leaf sandwich on rye bread.
making - dinner. and biscuits. I need a project!
cafe-ing - ha. flower power at moorebank. dreadful coffee, and generic food. but nice surrounds, and enclosed play equipment. oh the burbs...
reading - peter temple (aussie crime fiction). it's a bit boring. and "what is a family" by edith schaeffer
watching - um....nothing!
listening - holly throsby kids album. colin buchanan. beatles. yep.

nice post soph :)

Thora and Dean said...

how could i forget - wearing!
new chunky black/brown beaded necklace, with hints of red and mustard. love.
and flat shoes.

sophg said...

Your eating habits sound a bit lah-dee-dah. YUM.
Is Edith Schaeffer Francis' wife?
That Holly Throsby kids album is too cool.
Love you T!