Monday, June 13, 2011

making the most of an ashcloud

I'm stuck in Sydney after a volcanic ash cloud grounded all flights to Melbourne.

I was itching to go home yesterday, to be back in my space, not living out of a suitcase and resuming the rhythm of normal life. I've been in Sydney since last weekend for a work conference, so when my flight was cancelled it was a bit of a blow.

But... today's been lovely. First, brunch with a friend at Balmoral (somewhere I never go - too posh) and lunch with another in Ashfield (ahh that's more like it). It was such a blessing to catch up with these people. The kind of friends you can totally be yourself around and still speak truth into each other's lives. What a blessing. Thank you volcanic ash!

And now for some pretty pictures.

Illawarra escarpment 


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luce said...

your friends sound awesome