Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beauty Has A Name

I've seen so many pretty things; but nowhere compares with you.

I've had Thad Cockrell's album To be Loved on repeat for the last week. There is a rare warmth and tenderness to his songs on what's ultimately a pop record.

He reminds me a lot of Josh Rouse. Both are more on the pop end of alt-country, with lovely sandpapery voices. In the past he's teamed up with Caitlyn Carey of Whiskeytown fame, but To Be Loved is just him and his band.

Beauty Has A Name is one of the loveliest songs on the record, although not the loveliest (Rosalyn and A Country of My Own are contenders for that one). But who can say no to a bearded man at a piano?

I'm again surprised and cheered that he manages to express his Christian faith with a confidence that means he doesn't need to sledgehammer the listener. He Set Me Free is probably the most obvious song about Jesus you'll find, and even it's a really charming bluegrass number.\

Hear more at his myspace page.


Ali said...

Nice. That's more like how the co-writer Matthew Ryan records it - have you heard that? Gorgeous. Did you buy the album on iTunes and download the booklet? I actually ordered the album but am disappointed there's nothing much in the cover (no lyrics etc) and have been wondering what's in that iTunes booklet.

Ali said...

For the follow up.

sophg said...

No I haven't heard the co-writer, I didn't know he had one! Where can I hear him?

I went for the tangible copy like you, so I don't have any more info. It's a shame because the lyrics are awesome!

Ali said...

Here is Matthew Ryan's acoustic version of Beauty Has a Name - I like it:

Bummer, yes I am wondering if the iTunes version gives you lyrics. I like tangible albums for the cover info, but if they are phasing that out anyway and giving iTunes booklets it may no longer be the thing.