Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's going on

I almost fainted as I was making breakfast this morning. It was a bit strange. I felt nauseas most of the morning. Thankfully I kept my food down..

I've been really listless today, my brain is super scattered. I'm going on holidays on Friday for three weeks, and I think I've hit the work wall.

I'm going to Adelaide, Broken Hill and Orange, visiting friends along the way. Looking forward to catching swine flu, writing some poetry and drinking lots of tea (there's no good coffee in the outback). So thankful for people letting me sleep on their couches.

In other news, one of my poems is going to be published in the Winter edition of the young australian writing journal, Voiceworks. I'm a bit excited! And they even pay you! Who would've thought..

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luce said...

dude, feel your pain. have been sick this week myself. have annual leave soon. hanging out for the rest, some sunshine...please let there be some..and sleeping in and coffee...lots of coffee..